Recycling plastic film and shrink wrap toward the goal of zero waste.

In the interest of future generations, we aim to achieve economic performance based on environmental and social responsibility. Our goal is to ensure our actions are responsible, by providing sustainable solutions for customers and society.

We are continuously making efforts to develop eco-friendly techniques with products that will contribute toward global sustainable development for all.


Our Aspirations

Zero Landfill Waste
Sustainable Operations
Create Environmental Awareness
Reduce Environmental Impacts

Dimensions of Sustainability

Suppliers and Contractors

A responsible supply chain leading to the best social and environmental practices


A culture of environmental awareness and workplace safety for the welfare of our human capital - Our Policy


Delivering quality services and products; meeting all national standards; connecting society and the environment


Reduction of the environment impacts, taking responsible actions when delivering our services


Uphold the law and maintain good relations for the progress of the country


Responsible operations

Recycling Shrink Wrap

We recycle 100% of the plastic film and shrink wrap from packaging and onsite removal once our projects are finished.

Professional disposal is arranged together with Reclaim, who does our weekly collections of plastic film and cardboard.

After Recycling Plastic Film

Recycled plastic products may be fabricated into other products such as plastic pallets and garden edges.

plastic pallets
garden edges

Academic Opportunities

Shrinkmaster supports and sponsors academic sustainability projects, which add opportunities for us to re-use our plastic products.

If you are interested in learning with us, please get in touch!