Shrink wrap is quickly becoming an industry standard among builders and construction companies.

ShrinkMaster’s signature plastic wrap installations have been popping up around construction sites nationwide with increasing popularity, making ShrinkMaster the undisputed the leader in shrink wrap installation for the construction industry throughout New Zealand.

Our team work closely with leading scaffold companies in designing the scaffold for each site. This hands on approach means that the shrink wrap we install fits the unique shape of each building site where weather proofing is required. The advantages of the shrink wrap system are endless; Weather proofing, protection from UV rays, waste containment and privacy are just a few.

However, it is our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction that serves as the tipping point when construction companies of all sizes choose ShrinkMaster to provide their shrink wrap service.


Our goal is to maintain the outer aesthetic, whilst providing the highest quality shrink wrap installation service.

In 2014 it became compulsory to have a containment solution for all dust and paint overspray resulting from work carried out in boat yards nationwide. The team of shrink wrap installation specialists at ShrinkMaster treat each boat wrap with extra care and attention to detail.

ShrinkMaster has wrapped super yachts, launches, sports fishers, tenders and dinghy’s on the water and in the yard. Not using your boat for the winter? Relocating? ShrinkMaster’s shrink wrap system provides protection against damage from long term storage and relocation.

Transport & Storage

Our team is able to shrink wrap anything from a motorbike to a super yacht!

Shrink wrap protects against as vandalism or tampering with cargo as well as providing protection from road grime and sea salt.

The ShrinkMaster Shrink Wrap Storage System is the most cost effective indoor and outdoor storage solution money can buy. We specialise in the shrink wrap for storage of machinery, boats, cars, outdoor seasonal items and aircrafts. Shrink wrap is ideal for storage as it conforms tightly to any shape creating a waterproof and tamper proof cover. While the protective covering keeps out dust, harmful UV rays and prying eyes, the asset covered maintains its value. ShrinkMaster provides the shrink wrap service on site, saving our customers time and money on heavy transport and haulage costs.

Renovation & Leaky Buildings

As any building or home owner will know, the damage caused by ‘leaky building syndrome’

This problem severely effects not only the value of the property but the health of the people occupying the building.

ShrinkMaster is the leading shrinkwrap installation company that works with recladders and renovators who are working tirelessly to fix the problem.

Our clients tell us that the main advantage to shrink wrapping a leaky property during re cladding is that people can still live relatively comfortably in the building whilst the working is being carried out.

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Disaster Relief

Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, severe weather conditions, fire and earthquakes, can hit at any time.

If and when they do occur, Shrinkmaster provides a 24 hour disaster relief service. Shrinkmaster was approached by the EQC for the emergency earthquake relief effort repairing damaged and leaking homes. After much frustration trying different methods using plywood, corrugated iron and tarpaulins, shrink wrap was the only system that was 100% waterproof and able to give long lasting and highly effective results. .

We aim to give our clients peace of mind that their property is secure while awaiting repairs.

Events and Custom Applications

Bring your vision to life, with a custom Shrinkmaster installation.

Shrinkmaster provides inventive shrink wrap solutions for a wide range of events. Whether you require a simple backdrop, dramatic canopy or an irregularly shaped art installation, ShrinkMaster has you covered.

Our premium grade shrink wrap is highly adaptable and comes in a variety of different colours, ideal for themed events, parties, grand openings and film / television productions.