Anti-corrosion packaging, static dissipative packaging, reusable, returnable, recyclable, oil and solvent free preservation system. 



The Mining, Oil and Natural Gas industries provide the necessities of everyday life.


Re-usable, Returnable anti-corrosion packaging the automotive industry is crucial to deliver ultimate oil and solvent free anti-corrosion protection for global supply chains delivering parts.


Intercept Technology™ keeps the lights on Simply Better Protection


The protection of cultural property through activities that minimize chemical and physical deterioration and prevent loss of informational content.


Intercept fabric is the next generation of reusable industrial packaging, specifically designed to protect your assets before they can be attacked or degraded by destructive corrosion. Protects metal, polycarbonates and fabrics.


Remanufactured components enable customers to minimize the total cost of operating equipment while maintaining peak productivity and reliability.


Packaging of electronic systems must consider protection with no contamination. Intercept Static Dissipative offer long term corrosion protection.

Oil and Gas

Intercept Technology™ is part of the solution to meet future requirements by cutting down the amount of waste produced, without the loss of quality of production.

The technical characteristics of the technology are:

Broad effective range (from -35°C to +80°C / -31°F to 176°F)

Long protection period (> 10 Years)

Product liability insurance (3.0 Mio. € per packed unit)


Multi-Material protection: protects all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronic and optical components as well as plastics.

Environmental friendly: RoHS conform, TRGS 615 and TRGS 900, recyclable, and worries free. Free from chemical gas emission (nitrites, phenols, etc).

Cost effective: allows processes to be significantly optimized and allow significant cost savings.

Permanent ESD protection: 106 -108 Ohms/Sq permanent (even at low RH <5%).

Repeated usage: up to five years in use, including washing cycles - guaranteed

Awarded environmental friendly award: six times German Hazardous Materials Safety Award (Gefahrstoffschutzpreis) in the year of 2005 (Prize for showing an alternative corrosion method and avoiding hazardous materials –

Oil-free: avoiding the use and the cleaning of mineral oil for conservation.

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Intercept Technology™ is a highly reactive Copper reacted into a polymer structure. The Copper is bond within the plastic so that it cannot migrate out of the film. The Copper allows the plastic to act like a solid sheet of high surface area, highly reactive Copper – or to look at it another way; it allows a Copper sheet to act like a plastic.

Intercept acts as a very efficient reactive barrier to corrosive gases trying to migrate into the closed container or bag. Within a short time the gases that cause corrosion will react with and be bound permanently neutralized by Intercept. There 2 types of Intercept Corrosion Intercept®(Copper colour) ,Static Intercept® (Dark Brown) has the same chemistry as Corrosion Intercept®, but it also has ESD properties when the bag is closed Intercept goes back to work. Intercept allows new packaging concepts with higher packing densities and less packaging material. Intercept is temperature independent works in high and low temperatures.

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