We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our customers with the latest solutions. Thanks to our new in-house machinery and LED lighting technologies we are adding a whole new dimension to the industry.

With our new CNC router, vinyl cutters and digital printer we are able to print and cut images, logos, signs and stencils that can be transferred onto shrink wrap, scrim, scaffolding, site hoardings banners, and practically anything at your building site. We can also create fixed and semi-permanent 2D and 3D illuminated signs or logos that can be attached anywhere on your site.

CNC Router Cutting

A 'computer numerical control' router is a machine for cutting precise shapes into various hard materials.

Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl is affordable signage that holds up under harsh conditions. Perfect for your outdoor signage or motor fleet.

Digital Printing

Our commercial printer is what makes the magic happen, enabling us to transfer your graphics onto vinyl and other materials.

Drone Filming & Photography

With our high-tech aerial drones we can make your vision a reality.

Some examples of what we can do:

Perform large scale custom prints

Add colour and designs to our shrink wrap products

Stencils for lettering of any size

Illuminated 3D lettering

Pre-cut logos and custom shapes in wood or vinyl

Custom logos and stickers

Vehicle branding

Full size graphic prints

Murals or all sizes and shapes

Beautiful aerial time-lapses of large scale projects

Aerial photography and video coverage

Precise cuts for DIY projects

Just let us know what you would like us to do. Imagination is the only limit!


More examples of our advertising work coming soon!