At Shrinkmaster we thrive on the challenge of intricate ‘boutiquey’ events, of satisfying clients in New Zealand's elite marine industry, and of pulling off construction work at any scale. At Shrinkmaster we don’t believe in big jobs or small jobs, only happy clients.


Since its inception, Shrinkmaster has been operating as the leader and innovator in the shrink wrap industry.

Initially based in Auckland, our name soon became synonymous with perfection and the demand for our products and services was a mitigating factor in our nationwide growth. At present Shrinkmaster has trained franchisees operating under the Shrinkmaster brand in The Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Wellington and Canterbury.

The secret behind Shrinkmaster’s success lies in our insistence on using only the best industrial grade product on the market which is guaranteed to last for a minimum of two years. The team of shrink wrap installation specialists working at Shrinkmaster love a challenge and pushing the boundaries of where shrink wrap can be used. With Shinkmaster, no job will be relegated to the ‘too-hard basket’!

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