Shrink Wrap Experts

Our complete range of shrink wrap solutions has literally got you covered!

Scaffolding and Shrink wrap packaging

No fuss with scaffolding and shrink wrap packages! Let us take care of your scaffolding and shrink wrap needs.


No job is too big or too small! Shrink wrapping scaffolds and structures across residential, commercial, and industrial sites.


Keep your pride and joy under wraps. Shrink wrapping small boats to ships of any size.

Transport & Storage

Under cover and going the distance. Protect your vehicle or motor fleet with high quality shink wrap.

Renovation & Leaky Buildings

Keeping you dry while we plug the leaks. Shrink wrapping the roof and walls to protect your investment from the weather.

Disaster Relief

Around the clock response to keep you safe and dry. Emergency shrink wrapping when you need it!

Events & Custom Applications

If you can imagine it we can wrap it! Examples include shrink wrap sculptures or shrink wrap marquees. What's your idea?

Intercept Technology

Simply better protection! Anticorrosive packaging.


Consider our shrink wrap your blank canvas! Advertise with Shrinkmaster.

Using our commercial grade printing hardware we can put your advertising where it will be seen.


At Shrinkmaster we're committed to environmental responsibility

We care about keeping New Zealand natural. We try to use 100% reusable and recyclable materials in everything we do.


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